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Personal Branding Why Bother

Indonesian Morning Show I Source: Youtube Pesonal branding is about determining internally whats important to you, what your values are and externally about promoting yourself and making it easy for the right kind of people to find you for the right kinds of work. History of Personal Branding Another benefit from building a brand is

Thought Leaders On Sales And Marketing Industry

Growth Marketing for Content Marketers ft. Sujan Patel I HubSpot Academy What is Growth Marketing? It is an integrated approach into growing your business and optimizing your content marketing efforts through constant testing across marketing channels. Why is this method preferable then the others? Look at how facebook matured as a platform on the last

Why Do We Need Partners And Their Resources

Business partnership and partnership in general can be a good way to accelerate the gaining of market share by indirectly accessing niches such as distribution or warehousing companies. The 4C framework (Brouthers et al, 1995) is a concise way to summarize key factors to consider in developing partnerships: complementarity, congruence, compatibility, and change. Complementarity The