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Growth Marketing for Content Marketers ft. Sujan Patel I HubSpot Academy

What is Growth Marketing?

It is an integrated approach into growing your business and optimizing your content marketing efforts through constant testing across marketing channels.

Why is this method preferable then the others?

Look at how facebook matured as a platform on the last 5 years. They have come a long way to a more complex ads options and policy within their user. Not only facebook, there are many other players out there which becoming more competitive and expensive. This means the ROI is becoming less and less. This is where Growth Marketing will thrive successfully.

Growth Marketing focus on content and product experience which play a big part in growth marketing converges. That means less cost and a more efficient way of content marketing.

How can you develop a growth marketing mindset?

First you need to have your team to have the same vision. As in our previous content in business: Leadership For A Successful Global Development, Leadership benefit a lot in a changing environment. If you follow the DAC module, you will be able to create an emphasis way for your team to adapt to your business goal and many obstacles that might be found.

Then you need to understand your marketing funnel. To minimize the cost of your marketing campaign, you need to start looking at weakness within your funnel. How can you do that? My team preferred to used many different campaigns at the same time. After a while you can see which of the funnel is benefit you the most or suitable for a particular market. For example you might use Path because it has a heavy young female audience then the others. We are looking into researching about several social media platform and their audience in the near future.

Finally set up a frame work for one is the Bullseye Framework. You can target many goals for your campaign. However in this case you might want to go for mid to outer ring rather than focus on inner ring like a common campaign we have been seeing so far.

The Bullseye Framework
The Bullseye Framework I Coelevate

Additionally you can start building a video content. It will be very useful as It will show your own and also your company personality. This will benefit in trust gain from your audience as well as your potential partner and costumer.

Two parts testing process

Ideas and creativity. Get creative. Talk to your team and find the best possible way to test your marketing campaign in a most efficient and effective way.

Planning and implementation. You can start using google sheets for example to organize your ideas.

Departments to focus on

  1. Costumer service, support and success
  2. Sales team
  3. Products and services team

Growth marketing pro tips

Built an email list. For one Facebook allows you to upload an email list and will look for those user’s Facebook account.

Podcast advertising which allows you to determine where to advertise. As we have said earlier, our team will update this issue on research about audience and their usage of many social media platform for us to know where to target our marketing campaign.

Secondary SEO. Which means your site needs to be included or referenced on websites that already rank well on search engine for a particular keyword.

This article is hugely influenced by Hubspot Master Academy. Many thanks to Eric Peters from Hubspot and Sujan Patel for their kindly share.
Growth Marketing Infographic
Growth Marketing Infographic

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